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A wheat beer fermented with an American wheat ale yeast. This refreshing summer ale mixes citrus/spice hops and orange peel to add to the over all aroma and taste of the beer.  The wheat malt adds a smooth mouth-feel mellowing out the complexity of the citrus and spice.

Malts: wheat, 2-row, maris otter, carapils, munich
Hops: tettnang, saaz, cascade, centennial, hallertauer
Other: orange peel

A great beer for the winter months, this ebony colored beer has a rich creamy head.  The moderate flavor of the roasted and chocolate malts are balance well with just enough bitter hops for a perfect brew that goes well with desert, a campfire or even breakfast.

Malts: 2-row, crystal 120, chocolate, flaked oats, roasted
Hops: cascade
Other: chocolate extract
1st NHC first round 2011
3rd Beer Bourbon BBQ 2011

38/50 NHC 2011 first round

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